Emotional Healing Tools

Breathwork - This is the best free tool available proven to heal PTSD, stress, and fear.  If families that are emotionally distant from each other or fighting, did breathwork together regularly and especially to intercept upsets, great healing would happen, instead of finger pointing and blame.  If there is a child or friend you earnestly want to support or someone you know dealing with additions, do breathwork together, you will be surprised that you also heal with them.  Powerful Breathwork Tools

Shame - Understanding Shame.

Be Calm  - Free Course to understand the nervous system, quick tools to use and begin healing the nervous system to get free of anxiety. 

ALI - Adapted tool of Marshall Burtcher (Healing Codependency)  - use to heal emotions & shame instead of blaming others for what we feel and giving them all our power believing they are causing it.   Treat all your emotions as sacred and legitimate based on what you lived through, give them compassionate space of yours to be allowed and healed.  Then connect to your innocence, inestimable divine value & perfection.  Bring curiosity and nurture this part of you, feel into your needs.

Understanding & Resetting Emotions  - This  is a great explanation of anxiety and emotions and gives 3 tools to reset it.  The more you consciously focus on soothing and regulating your nervous system, you begin healing.  When in sympathetic nervous system (fight/fright/freeze/fawn), we lose peripheral vision, we have tunnel vision. By engaging peripheral vision, we activate the parasympathetic (relaxation) nervous system. 

Shame & Procrastination   - Healing shame and getting free of procrastination and nervous system freeze state.

Guided EMDR - if intense emotions are coming up.  This scientifically rewires us neurologically.  Note, this is a trauma therapist tool, use at your own discretion and risk.  I have had better success with this than therapy.

Healing Pain - moving past the thoughts, accessing pain and sensations in the body, accessing inner needs, compassion, letting go, accessing presence.  Tara Bracht.  Blame is avoiding healing our own pain.